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Agave is a international design + build firm, providing unique tailored design services through a innovative design process helping our clients achieve their desired project goals.

Our mission is to provide value to our clients, delivering highly creative, functional and profitable projects.

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Born in Sonora Mexico, Raul completed his studies in Monterrey, his passion in design and business has lead him to create Agave's client experience and design methodology in his unique sense of style.



"Our goal is to provide projects with a deep sense of purpose"

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Born in Arizona, Roxana is an architect by ITESM Tecnológico de Monterrey, she has a unique design experience being able to participate in a design workshop with EMBT (BCN) then work with Legorreta (CDMX) then with Orange Investments (MYT) finally Co founding Agave a mix of design, user experience and profit for our clients.



"I believe that every project should deliver a unique experience regardless the dimension"

Whether your looking for a return on a real estate investment, client retail experience, workspace functionality, industrial process or family project 

we will guide you and deliver a unique project.

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